Accommodation, Holidays residences in Poitou Charentes

    Holidays residences
    Holidays residences are the alliance of quality hostings in a multiplicity of the services. You will have access to numerous activities, sports, games, the whole in a festive atmosphere, you will have no time to annoy you. Everything is organized, of what to simplify your holidays! It is the formula completed for all the family.
8 in Poitou Charentes.
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picture of Vacances Popinns - Sous les Pins
  • Low season of 150€ to 291€
  • High season of 376€ to 660€

Holidays residences in La Tremblade

Vacances Popinns - Sous les Pins

Daniel Blouin 17 Avenue de la Côte de Beauté 17390 La Tremblade (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 36 06 53
This property is a 15-minute walk from the beach. Located in the seaside resort of Ronce-Les- Bain, this residence is 1 km from the beach, opposite the Island of Oléron. It offers fully equipped ...

Holidays residences in La Flotte

Hôtel Résidence Odalys Les Hauts de Cocraud

Hôtel Résidence Les Hauts de Cocraud Route de Saint Martin 17630 La Flotte (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 04 42 97 58 00
The residential complex is a tasteful group of little semi-detached houses, designed in accordance with the island’s architecture, situated 100 m from the sea and 1 km from the shops and the marina ...

Holidays residences in Moncoutant

Natura Resort Pescalis

Pierre Bournais Route de Niort 79320 Moncoutant 79320 Moncoutant (Deux-Sèvres)
Phone : 05 55 84 34 48
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picture of Appart'Hotel La Roche-Posay ***
  • Average season of 199€ to 699€

Holidays residences in La Roche-Posay

Appart'Hotel La Roche-Posay ***

Terres de France 53 avenue des Fontaines 86270 La Roche-Posay 86270 La Roche-Posay (Vienne)
Phone : 05 55 84 34 48

Holidays residences in Le Château-d'Oléron

Résidence Oadlys Le Village des Amareyeurs

Résidence Le Village des Amareyeurs Route des Huîtres Boulevard Philippe Daste 17480 Le Château-d'Oléron (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 04 42 97 58 00
The Residence, at the south-west of the island, at Château d’Oléron, is situated 300m from the sea and 400m from the nearest shops.
It is made up of small semi-detached houses, resembling the ...

Holidays residences in Saint-Trojan-les-Bains

Domaine Résidentiel de plein-air Odalys Monplaisir

Domaine Résidentiel de plein-air Monplaisir 8, avenue des Bris 17370 Saint-Trojan-les-Bains (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 04 42 97 58 00
The new outdoor residential complex of Monplaisir is just 1,5 km from the small beach , 4,5 km from the large beach and 700 m from the centre of Saint Trojan les Bains.
Each mobile-home is equipped ...

Holidays residences in Fouras

Résidence Odalys Les Terrasses de Fort Boyard

Résidence Les Terrasses de Fort Boyard Avenue Philippe Janet 17450 Fouras (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 04 42 97 58 00
Opposite the south beach and overlooking the ocean, the Residence nestling in a little creek, surrounded on one side by the fortifications of the Tour Vauban and on the other by the landing stages ...

Holidays residences in Saint-Denis-d'Oléron

Hameaux des Marines Oleron

Pierre Bournais 3 Rue Des Seulières, 17650 Saint Denis dʼOléron 17650 Saint-Denis-d'Oléron (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 55 84 34 48
HAMEAUX DES MARINES rental Oléron in residence holiday: 300 M from the beach of huts (European blue flag), on the South coast of the island of Oleron, 'The hamlets of Marines' lie behind a dune, in a ...
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